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Signal vests: get noticed

At night, in fog and even in midsummer, cyclists’ visibility is vital to their safety. Like helmets, certain accessories are very useful for standing out on the road and avoiding mishaps with vehicles. Extremely useful, if not essential, for regular road and city bike riders, sleeveless reflective vests like the Lucy Jacket Pink or the Roadie windproof vest feature a fully refractive fabric, so they can be detected at the very first glimpse of a light source. Pink and yellow versions of the Nutty jacket are visible from over 100m! Children’s cyclists can count on the reflective Schlamm Jacket to keep them safe.

High-visibility accessories: shine in the dark

If you don’t want to clutter up your urban style with a reflective vest, there are plenty of accessories and garments to increase visibility without sacrificing style. This is particularly true of the Snap Wrap, a fluorescent yellow bracelet that doubles as a trouser band. For commuters and backpackers, consider using the fully reflective and water-repellent Bag Cover, while the high-visibility Helmet Cover is also very popular for standing out on the road.

Wowow Reflective Wear, your safety bike accessories

For over 15 years, the Belgian company Wowow has been serving urban cyclists, occasional cyclists and young riders to guarantee maximum safety on the road. With the Wowow, RaceViz and RunViz brands, the brand’s high-visibility vests, gloves and accessories are used in a wide range of sports, with the ultimate goal of optimum visibility day and night. These high-quality products, which meet certified standards, are now among the market leaders in cycling visibility.