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Pumps: high-pressure inflation

With Topeak, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to inflating your bicycle tire! To provide a quick and easy solution, the brand applies its technologies to its various products. The famous Smarthead Threadvalve inflation nozzles provide a new level of power for all hand pumps, such as the


or the

RaceRocket HPC

. Inflation is fast and effortless, up to 8 bar! Extremely compact and lightweight, they can easily be mounted on a Shuttle Cage bottle cage or slipped into a jersey pocket for more relaxed cycling.

When it comes to foot pumps, Topeak offers undeniable technological advantages, including Twinturbo Technology, which speeds up inflation of road and mountain bike tires by 50%, including tubeless tires! Among the most popular models are the

Joe Blow Max


Joe Blow Race

whose pressure gauges (in bar and psi) provide extreme precision.

Tools: for worry-free repairs

Whether torque wrench, multi-tool or tire changer, Topeak’s various solutions for adjusting and repairing your bike are remarkably reliable. By introducing sustainable solutions, as is the case with the

Mini 6

we’ve done everything we can to ensure that everyone can build their own bike in the best possible conditions. For long adventures and bikepacking trips, you can count on the

Survival Gear Box

which serves as a mobile workshop in case of glitches. Of course, all this can be slipped into one of the many


or frame bags! Waterproof and abrasion-resistant, they are ideal for gravel, like the

Back Loader


Accessories: serving cyclists

Topeak’s wide range of useful accessories is packed with nuggets just waiting to express themselves! The


as well as luggage racks can be combined with the lighting to provide the perfect solution for your daily commute. To keep your phone dry, this is the solution

SmartPhone DryBag

solution, while bike protection is provided by a

Bike Cover

. Unless you need a specific place for your machine indoors, in which case you can use the

Swing-Up DX wall mount


Topeak, making life easier for cyclists

Established in the 1990s, the Topeak brand offers a wide range of bicycle accessories and tools. This brand is multiplying innovations with a single aim: to make life easier for cyclists. Now a benchmark in its field, Topeak combines performance, technical features and durability. Topeak’s wide range of bicycle tools and accessories will help you find the right equipment for your budget and your needs.