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Royal Saddle

Must-have saddles

The Remed City Relaxed saddle

With its impressive 207-mm width and soft padding, this saddle is ideal for users seeking a “relaxed” position, 100% comfort.

The Remed Trekking saddle

Ideal for mountain biking, mountain bike riding and trekking, the Remed Trekking saddle offers a moderately sporty position with a low trunk angle.

The LookIN Basic Moderate saddle

Its playful, partially transparent coating lets you see how the RoyalGel padding sinks and reacts. Perfect for a pleasant ride, back inclined at 60°.

Medium Indent saddle cover

An alternative way to improve seating comfort without breaking the bank. The comfort of the perineum is rethought and pressure peaks reduced. Selle Royal also accompanies cyclists through experience stories and cycling events.