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Tires: legendary rubber compounds

Schwalbe caters for all sizes, practices and needs. From urban cyclists to mountain bikers, hikers, e-bikes and road bikes, no one is left out by the brand’s wide range of tires. In particular, the company can count on unique technologies such as
Smartguard and Greenguard reinforcements
. It was also the first to develop a tire protection scale that accurately expresses a product’s level of resistance. At the same time, the tires are made in part from recycled materials, with a view to protecting the environment.

Famous models include the Marathon, which is also available as an






with or without GreenGuard protection. It’s a benchmark for city cycling and daily commuting. Other iconic tires include the

Big Ben

the Big Apple or the


itself geared to trail and road cycling.

Inner tubes and accessories: beyond tires

It’s the logical extension of Schwalbe’s expertise to tubes, to complete the tire/tube synergy. Unique in their kind, they offer a solution for everyone, with versions in Presta, Schrader or Dunlop valves and dimensions compatible with all wheels. So for road cycling and asphalt escapades, we preferred the chamber in


while mountain bikers will opt for a

27.5×1.5-2.4 version.

. Schwalbe also offers rim tape to protect butyl from punctures, as well as accessories such as valve extenders, repair kits, tire levers and high-precision tools, all of which are constantly linked to tires!

Schwalbe, puncture-proof option

For Schwalbe, it all began in 1973 when Ralf Bohle, who founded the brand, realized that bicycle tires were far from being sophisticated products, and decided to specialize in this field. Since then, the German brand has become synonymous with numerous innovations, such as the Marathon range, Balloonbike tires, the invention of the Unplattbar concept and the development of Tubeless technology, to name but a few.