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The Viktor lifestyle bike

When elegance meets performance. With the

Viktor bike

you get a featherweight for the city, with a belt drive that makes the machine durable over time. Fast and maneuverable, it’s a favorite with bike delivery drivers and couriers who can weave their way through traffic without difficulty.

The Siegfried belt bike

This version

Single Speed

version is equipped with a Flip Flop rear wheel, much to the delight of enthusiasts and urban cyclists. Elegant and very well finished, Brooks and its legendary saddles equip this bicycle whose style leaves no one indifferent.

The Ludwig urban bike

The power of


is its ability to offer aerodynamics and streamlined tubes to the city-dweller. Simply classy, it features a Shimano Alfine 8-speed gearbox integrated directly into the rear hub, with belt drive for purists’ delight.

VTC Friedrich

More VTC-oriented, this bike opts for a design that’s as aesthetically pleasing as ever, and features that combine practicality and safety. Luggage rack, mudguards, front and rear lighting, not to mention the famous Brooks elements, make it a benchmark for urban travel.

urban travel


The Heinrich VAE

This VAE features an Enviolo transmission integrated directly into the rear wheel hub. Powerful yet graceful

graceful for city

and everyday commuting, with its Bosch engine and enhanced comfort for errands. The quality of its finish is also visible, with integrated lighting and mudguards.

Other Schindelhauer bikes

The German brand loves first names, and from its wide range draws a variety of machines with original names. Among those not mentioned are the

Frieda XI

whose geometry favors spanning, or the


a more VTC-oriented model offering unbeatable value for money. The Arthur, Oskar or

the Hannah

also stand out from the crowd, and are sure to please many a cyclist with a strong personality.



Founded in 2009 with the aim of revolutionizing urban cycling, Schindelhauer is now based in Berlin. He bases the design of his top-of-the-range bikes on a minimalist, timeless style – both sporty and vintage – that will appeal to purists and reconcile lovers of urban culture. The finish of these bicycles pays tribute to the new urban mobility with premium-quality peripherals such as Brooks England leather saddles and grips. The company selects only the finest materials for impeccable quality and an almost unlimited lifespan. Carefully handcrafted, these modern bikes are clearly in tune with the times, and will leave no one indifferent.