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Carry Everything bags for practical storage

The CARRY EVERYTHING range is designed for cyclists looking for a rackless bikepacking system that can be attached to any bike without the need for brackets or screws. Durable, simple and easy to use, the bags in this range carry everything you need for your adventures on roads and trails. The

Restrap Saddle pack 4 liters

is particularly popular, thanks to its waterproof nylon design with taped seams and easy attachment system.

The Adventure Race range: long-distance riding

Designed for audax and ultra-distance runners, the ADVENTURE RACE range pushes the limits of performance by offering some of the lightest ultra-distance bags ever: less than 1 kg!

The Expedition range: stands and baskets

The Expedition range will delight cyclists looking for luggage for their daily commute or longer trips. Note that products in this range require a rack, carrier or basket to which they can be attached. The

Rando Bag Restrap 11-liter handlebar bag

is particularly popular thanks to its ultra-sturdy, waterproof design in Cordura fabric. Its quick-release magnetic fastening system lets you attach the pannier directly to the platform of a front rack.

Utility panniers: for the velotaf and short distances

The UTILITY range is designed for daily commutes, short distances and other excursions. This collection is made up of bags and pouches that are sure to keep your personal belongings safe.

Restrap bags: design, make, roll!

The Restrap story began in 2010 in Yorkshire, when founder Nathan Hughes, working alone with his sewing machine, made pedal straps for his own use. The name Restrap comes from the contraction of “recycled” and “strap”. Keen to share his expertise with as many cyclists as possible, this young designer is gradually developing a wider range of products, including bicycle panniers, backpacks, luggage and handmade bicycle accessories. These products are then compatible with a wide variety of bikes: touring, gravel, velotaf and road bikes. Restrap now manufactures and tests all its products in the UK. The English brand ensures that its products are reliable, local and able to withstand all weather conditions, including rain, cold and mud.