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Bicycle cleaners: washing has never been so easy

With regular use, it’s a good idea to wash a bike every week to make the most of its properties and power. So don’t panic, Muc-Off is revolutionizing the pit stop with products that make maneuvering easier. The

Bike Cleaner

is clearly the benchmark in its field, chasing away dirt without scruples. Simply apply like a shower gel, and the whole bike is back in color! To clean the chain, Chain Doc is very useful, while Bike Protect

Bike Protect

for a superb finish.

Bicycle lubricants: Dry or Wet lube

Muc-Off lubricants are recognized the world over as the best-performing products on the market, and are used by professionals such as the EF Education-Nippo Pro Cycling team, which competes in the World Tour. The secret to their performance? Dry Lub for dry conditions in parallel with

Wet Lube

for fluid transmission in the rain! Environmentally-conscious athletes will prefer organic grease for bottom bracket and wheel bearings, to keep their machines looking young!

Bicycle accessories: brushes and maintenance kits

Washing a bike without tools is inconceivable. To meet this need, Muc-Off offers a wide range of products perfectly suited to carbon or aluminum frames and to all bicycle parts, starting with the cassette or crankset. The

various brushes

available in kit form are ideal for removing dirt and mud from any machine, while the workshop gloves will protect your hands from grease and dirt. To dry and shine up your bike at the end of the shower, the

micro-fiber towel


Muc-Off, a clean bike is not an option

Muc-Off likes to be really active. Whether in the mountains, on a trail or at the skate park, the brand likes to be outdoors and do big things. Multisport and oriented towards motorcycles, bikes and mechanical parts, the obsession is to manufacture the most innovative maintenance and performance products, so that the athlete can continue to enjoy and play with his machine in perfect working order. Born in 1991, Muc-Off’s energy now extends to all disciplines: the pink cleaning can is even a cycling icon!