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IBEX 2.0

At the cutting edge of modernity, it’s


worn by professional cyclists to tackle speed and climb the world’s toughest mountain passes. Very well ventilated with more than 16 channels, it is recommended for summer and high temperatures. Its featherweight and very high impact protection provided by a unique double-molded EPS shell set it apart. It’s ideal for intensive outings, competitions of all kinds and cyclosportives.

The FURION 2.0

More closed than the Ibex, the


brings aerodynamics that will enable champions to win massive sprints and others to stand out from the competition. Studied in a wind tunnel and derived from GP motorcycle know-how, it weighs just 195 grams and saves almost 7% in watts compared to a traditional helmet. The unique Selfit tightening system ensures optimum support, while the many colors are sure to please.


Modern and aesthetic,

the Valeco

is the little brother of the Ibex and provides impressive ventilation. These 12 air channels are optimized: cold air enters through the front vents and is mechanically extracted through the rear exhausts, naturally dissipating interior heat. This makes it the most effective solution for summer and summer outings.


This is the entry point to expertise. This


is renowned for its excellent value for money, thanks to the same technologies as its predecessors. Its aero design, micrometric occipital closure and range of styles make it a key player in urban cycling. It’s particularly well-suited to city bikes and VAEs.

HJC, safety and aerodynamic helmets

Renowned in the motorcycle helmet sector, HJC is renowned for its experience and use of innovative materials in the manufacture of robust, compact and ultra-light helmets. Committed to excellence and technological innovation for over 45 years, HJC has become a master in the art of manufacturing highly technical men’s and women’s protective gear. HJC Helmets distributes its products in 65 countries worldwide and sponsors the AG2R Citroën Team and Israel Start Up Nation professional teams!