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bannière saucony

Running shoes

For many years now, Saucony has ranked among the leaders in running shoes, mainly thanks to its iconic running shoe models offering incomparable comfort and enhanced performance. This range is aimed at all those who want to run more comfortably, for longer, with greater results.

Ride ISO” range

These versatile running shoes meet a wide range of runners’ needs. They are dynamic, light and comfortable.

Kinvara” range

Ideal for competition use by lightweight runners, this range combines speed and comfort over all race distances.

Triumph” range

The protective cushioning of theserunning shoes will keep you going for miles on end. The shoe fits the feet of all runners.

Endorphin” range

Designed primarily for competition, the Endorphin range will delight athletes looking for performance in every race, whatever the distance. Its little plus: a distinctive, functional design that combines cushioning and speed like no other shoe.

Trail shoes

Saucony doesn’t just excel in running! For several years now, the brand has been marketing trail shoes, for the enjoyment of trail runners who appreciate Saucony’s comfort and performance. In this range, two models stand out and will satisfy all your needs.

The “Xodus” range

This range is designed to tackle the most technical terrain, thanks to the shoes’ unique grip and cushioning systems. Regular runners can test their endurance to the limit.

The “Peregrine” range

These are “the” all-round trail shoes par excellence. The favorite: the Peregrine 10 all-terrain trail shoe is responsive uphill and holds the stride downhill thanks to exclusive PWRRUN+ cushioning. For anyone who likes to get off the beaten track!

For fans of the brand, Saucony also offers a high-performance range of sportswear: shorts, tank tops and trail jackets; t-shirts, jackets, shorts and running pants for men and women. These quality garments guarantee comfort, freedom of movement and zero moisture.

Saucony is a must in the world of running. Founded in 1898, the brand has been attracting renowned athletes for over a hundred years, and is one of the top three specialist running distributors in the USA. Active in the textile sector, Saucony is best known for its footwear featuring Everun technology. Wearing them gives you softer, longer-lasting cushioning and a feeling of constant dynamism. Everun offers 83% energy return. So it’s three times more durable than standard EVA! Let’s be dynamic!