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“At Garmin, we’re convinced that taking care of your health means going beyond the number of kilometers you ride each day.”

Dan BARTEL (Garmin Vice President, Worldwide Consumer Sales)

High-performance GPS watches, bike computers and activity trackers

Innovative features

The functionalities of Garmin connected GPS watches are designed for all sporting activities. If you’re an avid runner, you’ll benefit from advanced performance metrics such as running stride analysis. For hiking and outdoor sports, Garmin watches guide you to the furthest corners of the earth thanks to their core strength: cartography! The swimming models help you optimize your technique, from the pool to open water.

Solar energy

Garmin is one of the pioneers of solar-powered watches. The brand works in conjunction with a solar company based in the south of France. This collaboration enables Garmin to integrate into its watches a key technology for preserving the environment, and foreshadows more responsible ways of consuming sport. New models are on the way… That’s all we have to say.

Reliable autonomy

The autonomy of a connected watch is an essential criterion for sportsmen and women. That’s why Garmin watches stick with you through the longest and toughest rides. Considering the Great Himalaya Trail? The opportunity is perfect: Garmin watches have a battery life of up to a hundred days, depending on the model!

Sturdy materials

Most Garmin watches comply with the MIL-STD-810G aerospace and military standard for ruggedness in real-life professional environments. Watches can withstand the worst conditions: thermal shock, radiation, explosive atmospheres, frost, gunfire and even rail impact – and that for any budget!

Bannière Gamrin Forerunner

A Garmin watch for all your activities


Find the Forerunner that’s right for you

Whether you’re running to set a new personal record, for your well-being or simply to enjoy nature, Garmin has a watch made for you. These range from easy-to-use GPS running watches to cutting-edge smartwatches with extended battery life and music storage. Whatever your reason for running, run with a
. The Forerunner 945 and Forerunner 745 will accompany expert runners and triathletes. The Forerunner 245 is perfect for runners who want to take their training to the next level. Finally, the Forerunner 45 will help beginner runners achieve their new goals.


Take your performance to the next level with Solar technology

The fēnix range has been designed for those who like to push their limits. Like the thousands of athletes and explorers from whom it draws its inspiration, the
Fenix 6
series has been designed to open up new perspectives. The fēnix Solar range, the first range of solar-powered watches, lets you move without limits. Its 1.4-inch Power Glass™ uses sunlight to extend battery life during your adventures.


Trust your instincts, because the world trusts you

If you’ve never been one to follow the beaten track, that’s where you come in. This rugged GPS watch has been designed to withstand the harshest environments. The durable, multi-function GPS watch with all the tools you need for adventure, including a barometric altimeter and 3-axis compass. The range is now available with a solar screen to further extend the watch’s autonomy.


Go the distance

Featuring Power Glass™ solar glass for extended battery life and high-performance functions, the GPS watch is designed for the most enduring athletes. Its 300-hour battery life in UltraTrac mode makes it an ultra-enduring watch.


Ready for the mission

Ruggedly designed to military standards, this high-end GPS connected watch offers specialized tactical functions, as well as mapping, music, advanced training and much more. The latest addition to the range, the superb Tactix Delta offers a host of specialized tactical functions: night vision, parachute drop point calculation, stealth mode and emergency stop, to name but a few.


Swim and train without limits

La is a connected GPS watch for swimming that records your heart rate, as well as distance covered, pace, number of strokes, SWOLF and many other metrics, in both pool and open water. Pool or open water, the choice is yours!


Garmin accompanies you in your cycling, from simple navigation to performance and safety.

Bicycle computers to accompany you on roads and trails

The Edge range of GPS computers meets the needs of all cyclists. A compact, lightweight meter with the Edge 130 Plus. A larger 2.6-inch screen with or without touchscreen with the Edge 530 and 830. And last but not least, a GPS meter with an extra-large color touchscreen, ideal for navigation with the Edge 1030 Plus.

All these GPS units feature Garmin’s latest technological innovations, such as ClimbPro, which displays the distance remaining to a pass, as well as the degree of gradient. Ideal for adapting your effort during an outing.

Speed cameras and bike lights to see and be seen

Varia radar is the first safety tool to both inform cyclists of approaching vehicles behind them (“see”) and increase drivers’ vigilance of them on the road (“be seen”). 2 models available with Varia RVR 315 and RTL 515.

The Varia UT 800 bike light gives you foolproof visibility with 5 brightness modes: high brightness (800 lumens), medium brightness (400 lumens), low brightness (200 lumens), night flash (100 to 300 lumens) and day flash (over 700 lumens). At full power, your fire can be seen in daylight from over 1.6 km away.